Q.  What is the best way to save money on my heating and air conditioning bill?
A. Regular maintenance and a clean filter are the top two things you can do to enhance your savings. You wouldn’t drive your vehicle 50,000 miles without maintenance would you?

Q. When is it time to replace my air conditioning system?
A. Typically a unit that is 12-14 years old should be replaced to capture the new technology and energy savings available.  Salt water corrosion is a factor in our environment and may cause a unit to need replacement in a shorter time period.

Q. How often should I have my unit serviced?
A. A minimum of once annually though twice is recommended by the manufacturer.

Q. What do UV lights do and how much are they to install?
A. Ultra Violet lights usually range from $350-$700 to install.  When properly installed UV lights eliminate airborne mold spores and odor causing bacteria allowing for cleaner air, by keeping your cooling coil, blower, pan & cabinet free of mold and bacteria.

Q. What about duct cleaning?
A. My opinion is that duct cleaning is not a cost effective program and should be avoided as it may damage the duct work causing loose fibers and possibly leaks in the system. Replacing ducts that have deteriorated is recommended instead of cleaning. It works great on sheet metal ductwork which is uncommon in our area.

Q. What type of air filters should I buy?
A. The minimum of a 40% pleated MERV8 rated filter will handle most of  your filtration needs without restricting airflow. (Higher rated filters are available that do not restricy to much air.) Filters that are too restrictive cause higher energy consumption, just as a dirty filter would.

Q. Are digital programmable thermostats cost effective?
A. Yes, by controlling the temperature within proper accuracy your system turns on and off at the set point eliminating overrun time resulting in cash savings!

Q. Are variable speed high efficiency systems worth investing in?
A. Yes, by utilizing variable speed technology we can control humidity and temperature in an environment.  Humidity control is essential in creating a “comfortable” environment.  Achieving low humidity combined with a higher temperature allows for savings without giving up comfort!

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